Where Can I Buy Salvia Divinorum ?

Firstly when buying salvia you need to ensure your buying from a legitimate source who know exactly what they doing. Don't buy from some kid on ebay who thinks he's the next Donald Trump. He's more than likely going to blow up himself, his house and his family in the process... especially if he is using a chemical such as acetone to perform his extraction. Rest assured the vendors we have on our site offer quality salvia extracts and their extraction methods are clean. Arena Salvia is organic in nature and their extraction technique is also organic. You know when your smoking a quality product mainly by the taste.

We've noticed a lot of bogus internet sites popping up. These are fly by night sites that prey on innocent people in an attempt to steal their hard earn cash. Don't get caught up in this fraud - you should be able to easily spot if your dealing with a reputable company or a temp store front. Salvia brands can also be very misleading like the "Purple Sticky Brand" who have an 160 Atomic X. There's no such thing as a 160X. Beware of salvia vendors with names such as "buy premium salvia", "buy super salvia", and "buy super premium salvia" because they can throw you off in a big way. Many users who buy salvia on the regular have found there is little if any difference in these "different" grades. Again, the best place to buy from a trustworthy online vendor who offers genuine verified salvia at cheap / fair purchase prices.

So, if you want to buy salvia leaf, buy extracts, buy salvia tincture or buy salvia plants, we can safely recommend the following vendors that offer the best salvia we've found:

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Both the above offer wholesale salvia, both in bulk and as a packaged product for point of sale. If you can help it, we don't recommend you buy salvia from a local store selling salvia. They often sell low quality salvia at exaggerated prices. The worst salvia we've seen people buy is Purple Sticky Salvia - the quality is terrible, the prices are are not cheap and more importantly their business practices and leading to Salvia being outlawed. DO NOT BUY PURPLE STICKY SALVIA !

Buy salvia from the two trusted names above. Arena Ethnobotanicals guarantees their product 100% and have salvia on sale for a cheap price. Their cheap salvia prices doesn't reflect on the quality salvia for sale.

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