The effects of salvia can be of varying degrees. Salvia is a hallucinogenic but it is much different than most other hallucinogens out there. Many people like to compare salvia effects with that of marijuana, but this thought is far from factual truth. With marijuana giving you a "high" feeling of relaxation, salvia gives you the effect of traveling back in time, having out of body experiences, even having aliens chase after you. But with that said, not everyone will have the same salvia effect as the next person. Everyone is effected differently when experiencing salvia. But never treat salvia as a "party drug." Treat salvia divinorum with dignity, respect, and responsibility.

Remember salvia effects vary from person to person. Some may experience a full salvia trip, while some salvia users may experience nothing at all. It has been said that 10% of people are acually immmune to Salvinorin A, therefore no salvia effects will occur. There has been no studies done on why this is.

Just from some of the salvia experiences we've been informed of, the salvia effects list continues as more and more people research this hallucinogenic plant.The list of salvia effects include:

Uncontrollable Laughter

Serious Self Realization

Alien Interaction

Tunnel Vision

Time Travel

Childhood Visitation

Being thrown in a field of atoms (energy field)

Transforming into a bull-dozer

Transforming into a tunnel

Stepping into a world of geometry

Experiencing flying, floating, or falling

Becoming part of the ground

Becoming an object: a couch, chair, and stairs are popular

And the salvia effects list goes on


Daniel Siebert is a famous salvia researcher that has created a S-A-L-V-I-A chart that explains all the different stages of what you can experience at all the different levels.

  • S - SUBTLE effects, Relaxation and increased sensual appreciation may be noted. This mild level is useful for meditation and may facilitate sexual pleasure.

A - ALTERED perception, colors and textures are paid attention to. Thinking becomes less logical, and more playful.

L - LIGHT visionary state. Closed eye visuals (clear imagery with eyes closed).

V - VIVID visionary state. Complex three dimensional realistic appearing scenes occur. With eyes closed you experience fantasies. So long as your eyes are closed you may believe they are really occurring.

  • I - IMMATERIAL existence. Individuality may be lost; one experiences merging with the Divine.
  • A - AMNESIC effects. Loss of consciousness. The individual may fall, or remain immobile or thrash around. Dangerous!

(S-A-L-V-I-A information provided by Daniel Seibert's: sagewisdom)


All of these different types of salvia reports can be found here. As you can see there's a ton of different effects that salvia can bring. It also depends on what kind of salvia you're using. Different methods of salvia use will cause a different kind of effect. Whether you're using an extract of salvia divinorum, or brewing up a batch of salvia tea. Every method is going to bring you to a different level. Your body weight and chemistry can also play a factor in the salvia effect and experience. Always start at a minimal level and work your way up to a level you feel suitable. A salvia hallucinogenic experience is only for those who respect the plant of its true powers.

The method of use will also effect the duration on how long a salvia trip lasts. For instance, smoking a 20x extract is not going to last as long using the quid method. Smoking the salvia may give you a more potent effect, but the quid method is going to last much longer. This has to do with how fast and how long it takes your body to metabolize the salvinorin A. For more information on salvia usage click here. This may be able to help you in what type of salvia effect your looking for.

There have been quite a few reports sent to us that explained how the effects of the salvia actually became stronger after having used it a couple of times. It seems as if after using salvia a couple of times they become sensitive to the salvia and can in a sense reach a higher level in salvia effect. Now understand that not everyone will experience the effects that have been mentioned above. Supposidly, 10% of people have no reaction to salvia, no matter how much or how potent the salvia strength is. There has yet to be a clinical study that proves this reason.