Salvia Experiences: What to expect

A salvia experience is most of the reason why this special plant has become so popular. These different experiences range in levels from being very intense and powerful to being very enlightening by searching your soul in a whole new world. These intensity levels obviously differ depending on how you use your salvia and how much salvinorin A is taken in. Also, the way your body metabolizes the salvia, in which your body chemistry can have an effect on your salvia experience.

To get the best out of your salvia experience you always want to be with good friends in a safe calm atmostphere. We recommend burning the salvia for your first time. Liquid salvia tinctures and chewing the salvia leaf is for more experienced salvia users that have used salvia for years.

As a psychoactive visionary herb, salvia divinorum has many advantages compared to other visionary herbs on the market:

There has never been a report of any fatality due to overdose of salvia.

Salvia is not addicting.

Salvia is 100% legal in the majority of the world.

There are no reported side effects or hang hangovers linked to salvia.


Now, to really get the best experience out of salvia there's a few things that need to be considered. For one, your environment needs to be safe, relaxing, and positive. If you have a lot of noise and distractions occurring it can really ruin the salvia experience. Watching tv, being at a loud party, or being at a concert can be extremely annoying and wouldn't be the experience you're anticipating from salvia. A really nice place to experience salvia is experiencing this diviners sage with nature. Camping in the wilderness with close friends is always positive. Out in the wilderness with a campfire burning is a wonderful way to experience diviner's sage. It not only heightens your salvia experience, but it also brings you closer to nature.

As you may read on other blogs, your salvia experience really becomes a depiction of your environment. A salvia experience can literally get to the point where you don't have full and complete control, which is why you should never experience your salvia trip in a public environment. This experience could end up turning into a very bad trip and could draw so very unwelcome attention. This is the reason we always advise having a sober sitter to prevent any potential dangers.

After a complete salvia experience, people usually feel mentally refreshed and clearheaded. The reason you feel mentally refreshed is usually because your mind experiences a psychoactive thought process that has never occurred before. During a salvia experience, your mind is completely altered into a hallucinogenic state that seems real, so real your mind isn't able to separate between the two. Smoking the salvia can give you a mild headache, but this has usually been related to smoke induced sinus irritation much like tobacco smoke.

Keep in mind that the salvia trip is deep introspective experience that should be respected. The reputation of salvia is not necessarily the best. With kids using it in irresponsible situations it has a tendency to lead into bad experiences such as falling over, blacking out, operating vehicles, and acting out of control in pubic environments. With these experiences occurring and ending up in the news and on the popular site, salvia can end up being considered a very harmful visionary herb. Just make sure you do as much research as possible, and know your body chemistry well enough to know how your body may react to the salvia.

Experience Report 1:

My experience with Salvia

First, a little background.

As a product of the '60s and '70s, I have done a lot of mind bending drugs.
I smoked pot and did mescaline and of course, LSD.

When I was a freshman in college we were required to go through a "survival course".
Besides just orienting us to the ins and outs of campus life, it included a very detailed
of one man's experimentation with all types of drugs.
I sincerely believe that little booklet saved many naive young lives.

We didn't have Salvia at that time.
LSD was the most important drug to get an education on before experimenting.
After reading about some of the horrors that could happen,
It became very important to all of us that we would plan our entire evening.
This included researching the source and verifying the dosage.
One of the worse things to do was to go to a party and drink from an "electric" jug of
You never know how much you're getting and you can easily overdose and have a really bad
Precise dosage was crucial.
Also, A "straight guy" was crucial.  We didn't want any flying bodies.
After dropping, we would go eat at the cafeteria.
When the food started moving too much, it was time to retire to the designated "trip
The music had to be precisely laid out to coincide with the trip.
Light rock, then hard rock, then psychedelic rock.
A snack was then appropriate. Just some cookies or candy was usually an amazing
Sex, if possible would top it all off.
If not, we would just go outside and take a walk.
Even that was an amazing experience.

The point here is that hallucinogens must be handled properly.
Salvia is no exception.

I don't do LSD anymore. It's just too heavy and takes up too much time.
Sometimes it takes an entire weekend to complete the "trip".

But, now consider Salvia.
It's like a mini-LSD trip, but much more manageable.

Of course, the dosage and source must still be considered.
I got a gram of concentrate from Ethnobotanicals.
It's really good quality and very consistent.
My usual dosage is one small bowl and three consecutive hits.
After exhaling the third time, I find a chair quickly, if I'm not already sitting down.

The trip can be described as three phases.
1. The body rush.
I feel like there's a huge weight on my body increasing my gravitational attraction to
the earth
more and more.  Sometimes, it pulls me over to the side and I almost fall off my chair. 
There's where the "straight guy" comes in.
2. The hallucinations.
These are not crazy hallucinations like LSD where an entire building may melt in front of
me.  But, they are very intense nonetheless.  This phase is curiously accompanied by a
weird metallic taste in my mouth.  I like to stare at an object and it eventually extends
itself toward me in series of trials each recreating the previous image in a smaller
geometric image. It's incredibly cool!
3. The out-of-body experience.
As the trails subside, I once had an experience as I dragged my hand over my head, that I
pulled off the top part of my head like a flap and exposed my brain. It's sounds freaky,
but it was very cool and not scary at all. I could then just replace my scalp just as
easily.  As I sat there I imagined myself moving out of my body and watching myself and
talking with myself. We see crazy people doing this out on the streets all the time. 
This is also one thing that makes us humans unique. It's called a conscience, or a soul. 
Whatever it is, Salvia intensifies it and it can actually be very therapeutic.  You can
be you own "shrink".

That's about it.  The whole thing lasts only about ten minutes.  And, you can function
just fine after that.  I usually just go and have a beer and reflect.

Salvia is fun, but be careful!

Anonymous, San Francisco