Salvia & Food


Many people have asked about eating Salvia as a food and does it have any effects. The answer is yes. Salvia leaves are traditionally rolled up and chewed (like food) as a quid. The resulting effects are mild but last longer than smoking. Another question that need answering: how is the appetite effected by Salvia. Well if you are smoking Salvia, you probably wouldn't want to eat any food until the effects had worn off. My roots are British and I love British food. If you want to learn more about British Food, please visit the following website: Buy British Food in USA. They link to an online store called Poppys Pantry where you can buy British food. They are based in USA and I think they probably only ship to USA. You may ask what's got to do with Salvia Divinorum? well, like I said I'm British and I adore British food. I find that after I smoke Salvia (which I do only for Spiritual reasons, I like to eat British food as that was where my ancestors were born. I find this puts me more in touch with my spiritual inner self. So, check out the British sites above: Buy British Food USA and Poppys Pantry.