Salvia & Kratom

Kratom & Salvia Kratom (Mytragyna speciosa Korth) and Salvia Divinorum and normally sold via ethnobotanical stores. Salvia gained popularity many years ago and as a result of this also gained negative media attention. The negative attention that Salvia acquired resulted in states across America banning Salvia. Kratom is heading the same way as Salvia with popularity gaining daily. The difference between Salvia and Kratom is that Kratom is not attractive to young thrill seekers and videos on YouTube of people using kratom would be boring. In light of this we hope that kratom legal status does not follow the Salvia trend. You can learn more about Kratom at the following site: Kratom. They have information on Kratom effects, preparation, chemistry and they link to a couple of stores that sell Kratom. The sites also sell Salvia Divinorum.