Salvia Storage - how long will it keep / stay fresh ?

I've recently purchased a nice amount of Salvia Divinorum and was looking online about how to store such a product. There wasn't much information out there about Salvia storage. I've decided to contact a couple of the web-based distributors about this problem directly, and here is the information that I've gathered.

Salvia Divinorum is typically sold in its dried form, so making sure that the product doesn't dry out even more is pretty critical. The best place to keep your bulk Salvia is in a dark location. Even though the salvinorin A is very potent and will most likely keep for decades, keeping it in direct sunlight will eventually degrade it's potency. I don't recommend keeping it in your refrigerator of even you freezer. The best place for Salvia storage is going to be in a drawer or a closet. Keep it in something that will stay at room temperature and not have UV sunlight directly on it. I typically like to use a class container to store my Salvia, but any type of plastic (Tupperware) should do the trick.

So the critical elements to storing Salvia are:

-Keep it in a dry place.

-Allow no direct UV light to penetrate its container.

-Don't keep it in the fridge.

If using a tincture (liquid salvia), make sure to not refrigerate this because it will turn into a "syrup" like consistency, rendering it pretty much useless. This little leaf
can provide so much insight to the soul, spiritually speaking, Why wouldn't you want to take good care of it and store it in a place where it will be able to last, thus supplying you and your friends with a healthy supply of fresh Salvia!? Proper Salvia storage is critical if purchasing in large amounts.