Below are methods people use with their salvia divinorum. We have provided you the modern, to traditional ways of using this sacred herb. In the event that you use one of these methods please use with the ultimate care. Salvia-World is not liable for any misuse of your salvia method.

Smoking Salvia

Many people prefer smoking salvia extracts rather than just the leaf. Results of the salvia experience are obtained with the extracts, because less material needs to be smoked when you have an extract that can be up to 40 times stronger than just the regular leaf. Extracts can be very powerful and should be used with caution: there is a risk of using too large a dose. Extracts come in two varieties:

  • Crude extract: often followed by an x (5x, 10x etc.). This type of extract is made by mixing a crude salvia extract with salvia leaves. 5x means: the extract obtained from four units of crude salvia extract, mixed with 1 unit of leaves. This product can vary a lot in potency, because the potency of the leaves varies as well. It is also rather unpleasant to smoke. We never recommend buying a crude extract because the quality is not consistent. It can be a big waste of your money because you really have no idea what you're getting.

  • Standardized extracts: a standardized extract is one in which the active compound - in this case salvinorin A - is extracted from the plant and purified and then redeposited back onto the dried leaves. A standardized extract contains pure crystalline salvinorin A, a very rare compound that few people have ever seen and even fewer people have ever produced. It takes a fair amount of chemistry knowledge and skill to produce pure salvinorin A. A standardized extract may cost a little more, but it is well worth its money.

Smoking the salvia extracts is definitely the most popular method on how to use salvia. It's best to smoke the fortified leaf out of a pipe, not rolled. We definitely recommend the fortified leaf, not the powder, so you don't lose any of the salvia down your pipe, water pipe, or in your mouth. We've also heard of powder so fine it simply blows away in the wind, and for the amount of money you pay for salvia, this should never be a concern.

You want to draw the flame directly onto the leaf material so that is burns hot. For the absolute best results, use a butane torch lighter. After burning the salvia leaf you need to hold the smoke in your lungs for 20-30 seconds before exhaling (the longer the better). This allows for the salvinorin A to be absorbed from the smoke. Your body metabolizes salvinorin A very rapidly so if you want to increase the effect, you need to take in as much as possible within a 2 minute period. Within this 2 minute time frame you should be able to take 3 big hits holding each hit in for 20-30 seconds. If you are a beginner in smoking salvia, you may want to try a small dose to test your body sensitivity.

Always use salvia with the utmost respect and never underestimate the power of the plant. Always have a sitter present also.



Quid Method:

Salvia leaf is to be chewed slowly with the quid method. A quid is a rolled up cylinder of salvia leaf. The quid should be kept under your tongue between chews and you should chew once ever 10 seconds. For a good 30 minutes you want to keep the salvia quid in your mouth along with the juice that forms in your mouth from the chewing. Try to avoid any spitting or swallowing of the salvia juice as this will prolong the process of what you're trying to achieve. After this 30 minute period you can spit out the quid and the salvia juice.

You really only need about 4-10 grams of dried leaf to make your quid. This is equivalent to about 16 to 36 large leafs. Place the leaves in bowl of cool water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the salvia leaf from the bowl and squeeze the excess water from leaves, roll them into a quid and begin chewing. Sometimes you can add a sweetener to your salvia quid like honey or sugar depending if you enjoy the taste or not. The taste of salvia isn't necessarily the most pleasant taste you will experience.

You can also treat your mouth before you use the salvia quid method. By using Listerine®, (or any other brand that contains alcohol and menthol), brush the lining of your gums, and brush your tongue. This will remove any dead cells that may be in your mouth. After brushing and rinsing your entire mouth with alcohol/menthol, wash your mouth once with cold water. Now your mouth is prepared for your salvia quid.

The effects of the salvia quid method usually takes about 15 minutes so don't be mislead if nothing happens for 15-20 minutes. When you reach your level in the 30 minutes of chewing, the effects will last another 30-60 minutes.



Salvia Tiniture:

Salvia tincture is a liquid form of salvia. It's an extract based solution that should only be produced in professional laboratories. Laboratories that use high proof ethanol extraction processes are the only tinctures worth buying. In using the tincture you want to deposit about 10ml under your tongue and hold it in your mouth as long as time permits. You will feel the effects within 10-15 minutes, and will hit a peak that lasts 20-40 minutes. After this 20-40 minute period the effects will start to wear off over a 30-60 minute time frame.

Also make sure to use with safety. It's important not to drive or use any machinery for at least an hour after the experience ends.


Salvia Tea:

Making salvia tea is a new modern way on how to use your saliva divinorum. Salvia tea is not the best way to utilize this product just because you're not getting the best out of the salvinorin A. Brewing your salvia into a tea isn't going to give you as much effect as smoking the salvia extract. People are always looking for new ways to try their salvia, and brewing a salvia tea is definitely the newest modern way to use your salvia leaf. Click Here for directions on how to make salvia tea.



Traditional Mazatec Method:

Now there is a traditional Mazatec method of using salvia. This method does require more leaf than any other method, but it is also very safe. This method was used in religious rituals of the Mazatec Indians.

This method is a salvia water-based drink made from ground-up fresh leaves. You could call it "Salvia Tea" if you'd like. Since the active ingredient Salvinorin A isn't absorbed very well from the stomach, you need very large amounts of the leaf in order to make the drink effective.

With this traditional salvia mazatec method the effects last much longer than any other method out there. The Mazatec Indians have also been known to drink not only the water based salvia liquid but to actually consume the brewed leaf as well. Keep in mind that this method of chewing, drinking and swallowing is very unpleasantly bitter and for some people causes gagging.